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Alumnae Programs

Alumnae are at the heart of the Hedgebrook community. Their continued involvement and engagement with the organization and our mission are part of what makes Hedgebrook so unique. We love to hear from alums about your publications, awards, accomplishments and events! Stay in touch with us at alum@hedgebrook.org.

Our 2019 Alumnae Return Stay Process will be accepting applications from July 30th to August 23rd.

Looking for other ways to stay engaged?
The Hedgebrook Collaborations program has supported more than 15 alumnae projects from San Francisco to Singapore. If you are interested in learning more about this alumnae-only program, check out the webpage.

How to apply for a Return Stay:

Deadline: The deadline for a 2019 residency application is August 23rd, 2018, 11:59 PM (PDT) The $15 application fee covers the cost of the process.

Eligibility: Writers in Residence alumnae who have not been in residence in the last three years, and who have only been to Hedgebrook once, are eligible to apply. (If you applied for a return stay in the past, but have not yet received one, you are eligible to apply again.)

Selection Process: This is a peer review process. A committee of recent alums will review applications and make selections.

Notification & Scheduling: Notifications will go out in November 2018. Scheduling of 2019 stays will happen in December of 2018.

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