Paul Constant and the Seattle Review of Books

By Hedgebrook Guest

This summer, my business partner Martin McClellan and I launched a new website called the Seattle Review of Books. We did this because we believe Seattle is a world-class city of literature, and we believe Seattle is hugely underserved for book reviews, interviews, and news. As soon as Martin and I started dreaming up SRoB, we became more and more excited about our mission—to represent the reading lives of average Seattleites, to create a site that resembles the actual bookshelves of actual people who live in the Northwest.   Read more

Interview with Strays Author Jennifer Caloyeras

By Hedgebrook Guest

It’s my pleasure to welcome Jennifer Caloyeras, author of Strays (published by Ashland Creek Press in May). Jennifer will be back in coming weeks with an excerpt from the book and more. ~ Sheila Webster Boneham


Sheila: Tell us a bit about your latest book.

Jennifer: My latest novel, Strays, is about a teenage girl with anger issues who is sentenced to a summer rehabilitating aggressive dogs. Here, she’s matched up with a three-legged pit bull rescue named Roman, who ends up teaching Iris more than she ever thought possible.    Read more

The Insidious Promise of “Busy busy busy”

By Hedgebrook Guest

Each time I forced myself go to the old rocking chair in the little cabin on the Mojave mesa, and just sit, I told myself that I was hugely lucky.  I’d signed for an improvised 45-day in-home treatment program. I’d agreed to not use any of the multitude of fixes I suspected no longer worked; to check in with my sponsor regularly; and to stop everytime I wanted to get busy.  “You’re lucky,” I muttered. “You’re not raising a handful of grandkids because one of your own children is a tweaker.  The rent’s paid for this month and you’ve still got a few hundred bucks left on your credit cards and a social security check.  You have nowhere to be for most of the day.  You aren’t battling multiple sclerosis or cancer or dementia.  You are responsible for no one except for the ungrateful cats and yourself.  You’ve always taught your students to embrace the Big Nothing.  Well, wrap your arms around It, woman.”   Read more

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