By Hedgebrook Staff

Why Saying Goodbye to Writers-in-Residence Gets Me Fired Up

“I’ve been so happy here you may have to open the windows to get rid of my thrilling to make room for your own.”

“Dearest ghosts & spirits of Fir Cottage — I am greatly humbled after reading your journal stories, and feeling your gifts left around the cottage.”

“Some villages are inherited perennially in the heart. I leave a wisp of spirit behind, to combine with spirits of all who have been here, and with bird and tree and rock and leaf. For the village of Hedgebrook has many citizens and extends wider than you may know.”   Read more

By Hedgebrook Guest

Assembling SnowGlobed

My mom used to transform our home into a holiday wonderland. Garland on every rail, snow villages filling every empty service, multiple themed Christmas trees (my favorite the Space Tree, which was adorned with characters from Star Wars & Star Trek surrounded by stars & moons). Snowmen & Santas from around the world came out to celebrate the season. Magic danced on music and in the lights inside & out, sparkling, shining, signally to the rest of the world that the holidays are here & we want to share our celebrations with you.   Read more

By Hedgebrook Guest

A Faith in Leaving: How a Week at Hedgebrook Reconnected Me With The Writer I Was

Journal Entry, December 7, 2010

As I type this I feel blessed.

I feel blessed for the opportunity to be here, for the weather, for my own cottage, for my family to be home safe for a week.

I have started my first fire in the woodstove and watch the flames thinking—I want to find my writer’s self again. Somehow I left her someplace and no longer know where to find her.

This is different than saying, I want to be writer. I know I am writer. I know writing has been with me since I can remember, but the part of me that writes, she is missing.   Read more

By Hedgebrook Guest

Let the Fire Stoke Your Stories

When surrounded by plaid carpet and dark wood paneling, when mountains of snow pile up against sliding doors, or when you’re cornered by your eccentric aunt who is sharing with you how she creates jewelry from the fur of her beloved cats, the inspiration to write at the winter holidays is everywhere. Sometimes snarky, sometimes heartfelt, the best stories are about family. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation comes to mind, though Love Actually, A Christmas Story and its many iterations suffice too.   Read more

By Hedgebrook Guest

How I’m Learning to Teach Things I Didn’t Know I Knew

There’s an expectation that when you’ve had a book published you know enough to teach someone else how to do the same—not just the part about actually getting the thing into print, but the craft part too. Since my novel came out in 2011, I’ve been invited on occasion to teach a class or give a lecture—just a 60 to 90 minute stint, nothing terribly taxing or overwhelming. Except that I’d never before done such a thing. Though years ago I received a master’s degree in education, taught ESL classes for a short period of time, and have for over two decades managed an environmental education program, my time in front of a classroom has been limited and none of that time was spent discussing the elements of fiction.   Read more

By Hedgebrook Guest

Scissors of Doom

When my author website came to life in 2011, my publishers encouraged me to post a blog entry two or three times a week. This sounded so simple and kind of fun. I had loads to say about my new book, about the writing life in Hollywood (moving from fiction to nonfiction) and about all the ways a woman creates opportunities to gain and share wisdom. Wasn’t the world waiting for my wisdom?   Read more

By Hedgebrook Guest

4 Reasons Aspiring Authors Should Get to a Bookstore

Well, duh, right? Writers are readers and haunt bookstores the way Nearly Headless Nick haunts Hogwarts. But savvy aspiring authors know that the bookstore or library is also the best place to gather key intel when creating a book proposal or query letter. Here are just a few invaluable things you’ll unearth when visiting your favorite brick-and-mortar bookstore.   Read more

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