By Guest Author

Hedgebrook Authoring Change – Interview of Rahna Reiko Rizzuto

Tell us about your work as a writer—do you write in multiple genres/forms?

Sadly, yes. I’m a self-taught writer, so every time I write a book, I have to teach myself to write all over again, and it’s not a quick process. For my first novel, Why She Left Us, I read like crazy and mapped out the books I liked to figure out what a novel was. I dissected them, teaching myself everything from how to end a chapter to how to format dialogue.

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By Hedgebrook Staff

Grace Love: Women Authoring Change


We start our residency season at Hedgebrook with the Singer/Songwriter Week. Participants are nominated by industry professionals to be in residence with fellow musicians. Alumnae of this program include Brandi Carlile and Mary Lambert.

This year, we were honored to welcome Grace Love as part of this program. We asked her about her work and about being a Woman Authoring Change.

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