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At our farmhouse, we have a library of published works by Hedgebrook Alumnae. Now we have curated an online version of this library to share with you. Please search by title, genre, author or date, to find published works from women authoring change.

First NameLast NameTitlePublisherPublished YearGenre
Elizabeth Woody HomeCooking in Talking leaves Bantam Doubleday Dell 1991 Short Story
Jacqueline Woodson In Afrekete Doubleday 1995 Short Story
Jacqueline Woodson What has been done to me Henry Holt 1996 Short Story
Jacqueline Woodson July Saturday Simon and Schuster 1999 Short Story
Amontaine Woods In Calyx CALYX 2005 Short Story
Amontaine Woods Gift of breath in Sometimes rhythm sometimes blues Seal Press 2003 Short Story
Sholeh Wolp_ Sin Univ of Arkansas Press 2007 Poetry
Sholeh Wolp_ Eternal prayer Attack of the crows At Reno Deep Bowl Press 2008 Poetry
Sholeh Wolp_ Breaking the jaws of silence Univ of Arkansas Press 2013 Poetry
Louise Wisechild Singing is never quiet To be seen speaking Seal Press 1991 Music Essay
Susan Zwinger Still wild always wild Sierra Club Books 1997 Non-Fiction
Susan Zwinger Last wild edge Johnson Books 1999 Non-Fiction
Linda Blachman Another Morning Seal Press 2006 Non-fiction
Susan Zwinger Gifts of the wild Seal Press 1998 Non-Fiction
Susan Zwinger Travertine Grotto Northland Publishing 1998 Essay
Susan Zwinger Natural connections Harcourt Brace and Company 1995 Essay
Susan Zwinger Millennium reflection University of Washington Press 1999 Poem
Susan Zwinger On rain in Sea of voices isle of story Triple Tree Publishing 2003 Poem
Glenna Cook Thresholds Moon path Press 2017 Poetry
Aleida Rodriguez Letter to the editor Open Epiphany Books Of A Feather 1984 Poetry