Welcome To Our Online Library

At our farmhouse we have a library of published works by Hedgebrook Alumnae. Now we have curated an online version of this library to share with you. Please search by title, genre, author or date, to find published works from women authoring change.

First NameLast NameTitlePublisherPublished YearGenre
Diane Wilson Dakota homecoming in Homelands: womens journeys across race place and time p112-124 Seal Press 2006 Essay
Diane Wilson Beloved child: a Dakota way of life Borealis Books 2011 Non-Fiction
Diane Wilson Spirit car: journey to a Dakota past Borealis Press 2006 Biography
Hannah Wilson Things we keep for others Fear of heights Perimeter-trained Children lie on the fissures of this earth October play Fred Astaire in the morning in Kwinnim Poems v1 p46-54 Kwinnim Writers Worksop 1998 Anthology
Hannah Wilson Reconstruction in Other Voices v6 no.19 p138-47 University of Illinois at Chicago 1993 Short Story
Hannah Wilson Reconstruction in Time of our lives: women write on sex after 40 p274-81 Crossing Press 1993 Short Story
Hannah Wilson Habit of digging 2002 Poetry
Hannah Wilson Kwinnim: poems Kwinnim Writers Worksop 1998 Poems
Kit Wilson Council of grandmothers in Our turn our time: women truly coming of age p249-58 Beyond Words Publishing 2000 Short Story
Tarn Wilson Slow farm Ovenbird Books 2014 Non-Fiction
Louise Wisechild in Intimate wilderness: Lesbian writers on sexuality p119-22 Crossing Press 1991 Essay
Ingrid Wendt One of those things in Season of dead water p9 Breitenbush Book 1990 Poem
Ingrid Wendt review EVES RED DRESS by Diane Lockward in CALYX v22 no.2 p109-10 CALYX 2005 Book Review
Ingrid Wendt Moving the house BOA Editions 1980 Poetry
Ingrid Wendt Singing the Mozart Requiem Breitenbush Book 1987 Poetry
Ingrid Wendt Starting with little things: a guide to writing poetry in the classroom Oregon Arts Foundation 1983 Non-Fiction Poetry
Diane Westergaard Ghost in the garden in Ghost in the garden: in loving memory of Tanya Frazier GodZillah Gospel Press 1995 Poem
Diane Westergaard StringTown issue no.7 p72-3 Consolidated Press 2005 Poem
Diane Westergaard Moon over useless bay Picking wild blackberries in a clearcut The baby on the floor Canyonlands night Bushtits in Canterbury Faire Reading 1995 Poetry
Diane Westergaard My father gets a D-6 Our neighbor in Tablets the rain inscribes: an anthology of poetry from the Northwest Northwest Renaissance 1987 Poems

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