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At our farmhouse, we have a library of published works by Hedgebrook Alumnae. Now we have curated an online version of this library to share with you. Please search by title, genre, author or date, to find published works from women authoring change.

First NameLast NameTitlePublisherPublished YearGenre
Rebecca Brown What keeps me here Harper Collins 1996 Fiction
Rebecca Brown Women in ill-fitting wig Gorham Printing 2005 Poetry
Rebecca Brown Haunted house City Lights Books 1986 Fiction
Susan M Brown Youre dead David Borelli Atheneum 1995 Fiction
Anne Broyles Priscilla and the hollyhocks Charlesbridge 2008 Childrens Picture Book
Anne Broyles Shy Mamas Halloween Tilbury House Publishers 2000 Childrens Picture Book
Mi Ok Song Bruining They said in Ghost at hearts edge: stories and poems of adoption North Atlantic Books 1999 Poem
Mary Bruno Sweet dreams in Green time: stories p65-80 Xlibris Corporation 2003 Short Story
Faith Adiele Encroaching forest: Southeast Asian memories in Go girl! The black womans book of travel and adventure p207-19 Eighth Mountain Press 1997 Essay
Faith Adiele My Journey Home 0 Film
Faith Adiele Student Body MayaLuna Books 2000 Fiction
Kelli Russell Agodon Daily poet: day-by-day propmts for your writing practice Two Sylvias Press 2013 Non-Fiction
Kelli Russell Agodon Hourglass Museum White Pine Press 2014 Poetry
Laurel Albina (dis)located home coming 2011 Poetry Memoir
Kathleen Alcalo Amalia in Women and aging: an anthology by women p181-7 Calyx Books 1986 Short Story
Kathleen Alcalo Chapter 4 in Hotel Angeline: a novel in 36 voices p30-37 Open Road 2011 Fiction
Kathleen Alcalo Desert remembers my name University of Arizona Press 2007 Non-Fiction
Kathleen Alcalo Mrs Vargas and the dead naturalist Calyx Books 1992 Fiction
Kathleen Alcalo Spirits of the oridinary 1997 Fiction
Kathleen Alcalo Treasures in Heaven 2000 Fiction