Our mission is to support visionary women writers whose stories shape our culture now and for generations to come. Our core purpose is equality for women’s voices to help achieve a just and peaceful world. Our alumnae carry our mission into the world. Through their books, plays, films, poetry, music, graphic novels, OpEds, essays, blogs and TEDTalks, Hedgebrook alumnae are reaching millions of people, and inspiring change. Our writing residencies, master classes and salons connect a global community of women writers with audiences around the world.

Gloria Steinem

“I think these stories are the greatest testimony to the spirit of Hedgebrook ever — send them far and wide.”

– Gloria Steinem


International Impact


A writer from Ghana comes to Hedgebrook to document women’s experiences with sexuality, abortion, and African sex education, then returns to Ghana to forward women’s rights. A poet from the UK returns from Hedgebrook and uses poetry to support women living with pre-natal and post-natal depression, helping them find a language for what has left them word-less. An author from India writes about immigration, diaspora, and queer rights – challenging political and spiritual norms. These stories of international impact are examples of what makes Hedgebrook exceptional.

Imagine the ripple effect when you multiply these stories by the thousands of writers who put pen to paper in our programs. Hedgebrook program participants from over 30 countries have become a catalyst for social change in their home country and abroad.



Hedgebrook offers a variety of ways for women writers to create and connect:

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Tamiko Beyer

What I know is, I want my writing to create shifts. I want my poetry to shift the way people perceive the world, others, nature, themselves. I want my poetry to disorient readers, and then ground them in new truths they discover: new ways of being and thinking. I want my poetry to disturb as well as delight.

Lena Khalaf Tuffaha

I think of poetry as the ultimate and most ambitious act of translation. The poem is grasping at a moment that belongs to another world – a sensory experience, a memory, an imagined life – and trying to capture it in language, to make it visible in this world.

Shobha Rao

Moments of conflict unacceptably, and always, mean that women are left the most vulnerable segment of the population. And that, to me, is a call to action. Why is the conquering of a nation tied to the sexual conquest of its women? To our brutalization? I want to know and I want outrage.

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Hedgebrook supports women so they may speak the truth, tell the messy, sometimes unpopular stories… find their voice…

~ Eve Ensler


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